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A fixed fifth wheel is economical and strong, but it limits your hauling options. Now you can get the strength and economy of a fixed fifth wheel with the flexibility of slide increments thanks to the new Fontaine® plate mount adjustable bracket. Affordable strength and flexibility make PMA perfect for a wide range of hauling needs. Plus, it is loaded with the performance features our customers really want.
  • Two-inch adjustment increments give you greater versatility for improved payload distribution
  • New greaseless bracket liner gives you consistent lubrication, reduces wear (no metal-to-metal contact) and cuts maintenance costs
  • Dual durometer two-piece bushing for improved shock absorption and better support
  • Computer designed reinforced cast bracket for lighter weight and greater strength
  • Computer design technology empowered Fontaine engineers to cut 30 lbs of excess weight without sacrificing one pound of capacity
  • Reinforced cast bracket with a greaseless liner provides consistent lubrication for superior performance and longer service life
  • Brackets are welded to a 3/8" steel plate that has six bolt holes on each side.
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