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If it seems like your repositioning your fifth wheel after every load, the Fontaine® ATB is the perfect solution. The Fontaine ATB uses an air cylinder to drive a mechanical linkage that engages and releases the slide locking wedges.This makes fifth wheel repositioning fast and easy. The ATB is loaded with features designed to deliver performance:
  • Two-inch slide increments give you greater slide versatility for improved payload distribution
  • New greaseless bracket liner gives you consistent lubrication, reduces wear (no metal-to-metal contact) and cuts maintenance costs
  • The ATB automatically removes slack from slide assembly
  • To protect the stainless steel air cylinder shaft from corrosion, bending and road spray, the unit operates from a closed position
  • New Quad-Lock™ four point locking system increases locking surface area for greater stability and improved wear characteristics
  • Composite air cylinder features improved sealing performance and superior corrosion resistance for longer service life
  • Dual durometer two-piece bushing for improved shock absorption and better support
  • Computer designed reinforced cast bracket for lighter weight and greater strength
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