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Light in weight ... strong in performance
  • Light Weight Bracket slide assembly system is lighter than its predecessor without losing an ounce of capacity!
  • Save 20 to 50 lbs depending on mounting system configuration
  • Computer-aided design features a smaller footprint with steel reinforcement for greater strength and durability
  • Improved fuel economy and a low up-charge make this new design very attractive for weight-sensitive, costconscious fleets
  • Greaseless bracket liner offers consistent lubrication,
    reduces wear (no metal-to-metal contact) and cuts
    maintenance costs
  • Two-inch slide increments give you greater versatility for improved payload distribution
  • Quad-Lock™ four-point locking system increases locking
    surface area for greater stability and improved wear
  • Automatically removes slack from the slide assembly for a smoother ride and longer service life
  • Dual durometer two-piece bushing for improved shock
    absorption and easier maintenance