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TB-008: Cold weather maintenance
TB-012: Adjustment of wedge stop rod
TB-013: Fifth wheel coupling for air ride suspensions
TB-018: Measuring your fifth wheel
TB-027: Installation instructions for LWS air cylinder (CYL-LWS)
TB-028: Installation instructions for bracket liner (LNR-BKT-107)
TB-047: Installation instructions for air coil kit (KIT-AIR-COIL)
TB-050: Service maintenance
TB-052: Aftermarket Lube Plates and Grease Packs

No-Slack NT Bulletins
TB-045: Ultra kingpin tool instructions KIT-ULTRA-KP
TB-049: Serial number location and information
TB-051: No-Slack NT product differentiation
TB-054: No-Slack NT bracket liners
TB-055: No-Slack NT top plate

Service Manual
LT-143 No-Slack© 6000, 7000, 7000CC
LT-143 No-Slack© 5092
LT-143 3000 series
LT-143 Mounting information
LT-143 Frequently asked questions
LT-143 Complete service manual -- (18 megabytes)


No-Slack® 5092/6000/7000/7000CC
TB-004: Air actuated cylinder kit installation instructions(No-Slack® II 6000, 7000, 7000CC
TB-005: Jaw & wedge pin
TB-009: No-Slack® top plate installation
TB-010: Installation instructions/air actuated retro-fit kit (No-Slack© 5000, 5092
TB-019: Installation instructions for operating handle
TB-029: Lubrication preservice procedure
B-030: Blocking kit for H5092 (KIT-BLK-SLD)
TB-033: Recommended maintenance Clean Connect inserts
TB-035: Bracket pins
TB-038: Attention to all drivers using the 7000CC!
TB-041: 6000/7000/7000CC series No-Slack® drop handle
TB-042: SmartLock™ fifth wheel
TB-049: Serial number location and information
TB-057: Air Actuated No-Slack® II Fifth Wheel Lock Lubrication Procedure

3000 Technical Bulletins
TB-055: Ultra NT top plate -- Use as 3000 series replacement